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Carbon wheels

For motorcycles.

Carbon wheels

For cars.


NextGenerationEU - Launching manufacturing of energy-saving automotive wheels!

Car wheels

Aiming to the future.

Car wheels are made of premium carbon fiber and are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. They are product of our unique RIMAK technology that enables to use unidirectional carbon fibers in thin solid spokes. Compliant with SAE J3204 the wheels are available for wide spectrum of performance cars.

Car wheels
Car wheels
Rotobox wheels

Design your own wheels.

Use our configurator to customize a set of wheels that match your ride style perfectly.

Resin transfer molding

Light as a feather.

Choosing carbon wheels is the single biggest thing you can do to increase the performance of your vehicle. Ultimately lower weight of carbon wheels plays an important role in how your vehicle behaves and feels on the road.

feather feather feather feather feather feather

Seamless lay-up.

Attention to details is specially shown in a visible fabric lay-up. Minimal possible number of visible joints and distortions of fabric.

3 component composite

High power.

With big power of modern bikes comes a lot of force on wheels. Our revolutionary three-component composite, dry forging and racing design provide high torsional, lateral, radial stiffness and great impact resistance.

By racers, for racers.

Our story began with a simple question: how to make the lightest and strongest wheel in the world. Soon after, this fascinating challenge was realized as Rotobox.

Dry forged carbon

Lasting durability.

Innovative use of high-grade materials and hours of extensive testing led us to a wheel that will change the way you ride forever. The spokes are thinner, but the wheel is stronger than ever!

Enjoy your victory lap.

Nimble corners, extreme responsiveness in turns, higher acceleration. Start crafting your best ride from the ground up.

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