Our vision is technology driven, we are mastering highly specialized knowledge and experience in toolmaking and composite materials, and continuously developing innovative solutions to support both vehicle manufacturers and end users in the aftermarket.

The beginning

How to make the lightest wheel equivalent to magnesium one from alternative, more durable material? That’s the question motorcycling racer, research & development engineer and Rotobox founder Gregor Bizjak asked himself. The experience of toolmaking, motorcycle racing and knowledge of composites were combined with great passion and a difficult journey began in 2004. The answer was a revolutionary 3-component carbon-epoxy-steel-composite and a newly developed original production procedure, which paved the way for a new generation of high performance motorcycle wheels by Rotobox.

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The beginning

The first commercial model

The first wheel model was introduced to the market in 2012 and its radical differentness put us on the map rapidly. Since the first sale, a passionate and unstoppable flow of development has been triggered...


Development never stops. By continuously pushing the boundaries of creative engineering our products set industry standards for lightness, stiffness, design and premium quality. Whether on the track or on the road the racing DNA of the Rotobox team is not only reflected in our wheels, but can be felt when driven. The feedback of our great costumers confirms, that we are turning the wheel the right way.

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