Dear visitors, 

We are pleased to premiere our newest product, Rotobox AIMER carbon fiber car wheels, and to enter the automotive market for the first time as an already established carbon wheel specialist in high performance motorcycle segment. 

As an innovative product of our advanced technology, Rotobox AIMER carbon fiber wheels for performance cars aftermarket are featuring unidirectional carbon fibers in thin solid spoke design. Face of the wheel is completely flat to improve aerodynamic drag and the pattern of spokes is result of development evolution and extensive testing. The design of AIMER wheels follows their superior performance, and they are made for each car model individually as a direct installation with the appropriate tires. 

We are now in the approval process with the car wheels, getting all the documents and also improving the supply chain. First series of our Carbon Car wheels will be available in dimensions 9Jx20 and 11Jx20, and first deliveries are planned in November 2023. 

Wheels are now available for Pre-order, and you can already place your reservation for a Set of Rotobox AIMER Carbon Car Wheels with a non-refundable fee of 100 EUR which will be used as a deposit for a future purchase of the wheels. Read more about the Pre-order here

We will have more details and price for the wheels later, however we can indicate to you that the wheels will be priced very attractively to conquer the heart of the enthusiasts of any age, especially those who place preorder reservation for a set! 

Car Wheels Configurator

For any further question please email us at, we are happy to assist. 


Rotobox Team