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Pricing starts at 2.555,00 € Customize
Weight saving
Seamless lay-up
Enhanced inertia
JWL Certificed

It makes a big difference.

Revolutionary innovative construction of RBX2 wheels provide a low moment of inertia and a low gyroscopic effect. Along with a low weight of the wheels the control over a motorcycle is essentially improved. It feels like as the motorcycle has been released of invisible chains and stimulated.



    Pricing starts at 2.555,00 €
    Weight (including bearings, spacers, sprocket carrier, dumpers, sprocket screws)
    Front wheel
    2.72 kg (5.99 lbs)
    Rear wheel, symmetric
    4.06 kg (8.95 lbs)
    Rear wheel, convex
    2.93 kg (6.45 lbs)
    Max. Permissible Static Load
    Front wheel
    150 kg / 330 lbs
    Rear wheel, symmetric
    250 kg / 551 lbs
    Rear wheel, convex
    250 kg / 551 lbs
    Max. Permissible Operating Temperature

    100°C / 212 F

    Max. Permissible Tire Pressure

    4 bar


    Designed to fit, built to last

    Designed specifically for each motorcycle model, the Rotobox wheels are a direct replacement of the OEM-wheels.
    Make your own

    Make your own custom wheels.

    Use our configurator and customize a set that will match your ride perfectly.

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